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PVC clothing

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), poly systematic name chloroethylene (PCE), is a widely used thermoplastic that is formed after polymerization of the vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). Because PVC is cheap and easy to work with, it is widely used in all branches of the industry as a substitute for, inter alia, wood and concrete. PVC has been criticized because of the lead-based stabilizers and chlorinated hydrocarbons emitted during combustion. In mid-2006 there has been an ongoing trend to replace lead-based stabilizers in PVC by organic and tin based stabilizers. All additives must comply with the European directive REACH. After World War II, the use of PVC really taken off in daily life. Well-known examples of application of PVC in the household are tubes for electrical wiring, wallpaper (vinyl wallpaper) and floor coverings such as sailing. It is also sometimes used in protective clothing, such as chemical suits and rainwear. In medical science has PVC since the fifties, rubber and glass largely supplanted in pre-sterilized components. Main reasons are the chemical stability, inertness and flexibility. Blood Infusion Bags are made of plasticised PVC with citrate. The used plasticizer (phthalate) has a preservative effect on the blood. Adverse side effects have been studied with far-reaching effects of phthalates have been found on hormonal and neural development. In addition, the material can also be used in the body itself. In the construction and automotive industry PVC is widely used in construction, drainage, piling, coatings, dashboards and floors. After the polypropylene is in the automotive industry, the most widely used plastic. It is durable, lightweight and reusable. PVC is one of the main raw materials for plastic frames in Europe. After use, these frames used as raw materials include plastic raw materials and flood defenses. Since PVC can be molded in almost any conceivable shape and is in a wide range of colors to produce, it is often used in toys. As long as the material meets strict standards and does not contain harmful plasticizers and other additives, it is even safe to use for young children. Finally, the packaging industry and agriculture major buyers of PVC. Again price-performance considerations often decisive. During the incineration, hydrogen chloride or, depending upon the oxygen balance, chlorine, carbon dioxide and water-free. adopted by the majority of products produced from PVC that they are safe to use. Some additives or plasticizers can be endanger health. In the EU, these additions was not always allowed. One and another depends on the application. In the sixties for the first time shown that the raw material for PVC, vinyl chloride, can be carcinogenic. Also among the risk factors for the development of scleroderma. Another disadvantage is that there may be released when burning PVC dioxins. Although we are dealing very small quantities, has been proven already dioxins in small amounts can cause changes in the hormonal system of organisms. Greenpeace is reason to strive for the complete elimination of PVC. In the applications as piping systems (inter alia, gas, waste water, drinking water) the ecological impact of PVC, however, is clearly lower than alternative materials, as evidenced by several studies.



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In our shop we focus on erotic items for both men and women. If you are a woman and you want to seduce your man with exciting lingerie in the bedroom? Whether you are a man and you want to surprise your wife with one of our vaginal toys? This is all possible. Look around at the toys for women and find the toys that are made specifically for women.

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Want sleepwear for women online? Take a look at our range. It ranges from pretty dresses with lace up nice sitting night shirts. Anyone can go to our shop, because you will find there is something for everyone. Are you going for the sexy look of a luxurious chemise in a red leopard print and black lace? Or a satin negligee more what for you? You will also find in our range kimonos, dresses with strings and regular shirts. Just take a look at our nightwear and see if there is something appropriate, please sit at.

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Latex is a material that is very sexy is found. It has an exciting look and feel wonderfully smooth. It fits in well with the body and you will feel very good and confident in. To show your beautiful shiny latex clothing is a special spray in our shop. You will also find several erotic latex clothing in our product range to him:

New material: Datex

Datex is a new type of material that is made from natural rubber. The advantage over normal latex is that Datex is a highly stretchable fabric. As a result, it is easier to put on and carries it more comfortable.

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The massagers are many selling sex toys at this time. We can divide the dildos in a double dildo, a normal dong, an anal- or a glass dildo. These can be used for both men and women, anal or vaginal and alone or together with your partner. The normal dildo is, in most cases just a real penis and it is given in many women prefer. The double dildo can be used alone or together. You will have at least twice as much fun.


Vibrators are sex toys that are made in many different varieties. Tarzan vibrator is a well-known and much-selling sex toy. This toy stimulates both internally as the clitoris. Whether smooth, thin or fat holds: we have them in all shapes and sizes.

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