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A sex shop or erotic shop is a store where erotic products are sold, such as sex toys, pornographic material, erotic lingerie, erotic books and contraceptives, for example condoms. Sometimes there are also a sex theater and / or video booths. These companies are part of the sex industry.

In most western jurisdictions sex shops are legal, provided that no minors are admitted. Who is considered to be "minors" depends on the relevant law. Some states do not tolerate sex shops at all, for example many Islamic states.
The world's first sex shop was founded in 1962 in Flensburg, Germany by Beate Uhse. Dutch sex shops followed around 1970. On May 1, 2014, Lingerie & Toys was founded by Erwin Vos. Lingerie & Toys focuses on the sale of erotic toys and lingerie via the internet.
In 2011, the tolerance situation at the Red Light District in Amsterdam ended, where sex shops could remain open until 2 am. They now have to close like 22:00 at the same time as other shops under the Shop Hours Act. This does not apply to the use of video booths. A sex shop would have to create a separate entrance for that. The stores objected that this is impractical, as far as possible, because DVDs can also be purchased in the shop to be taken to the booths.

Buying sex toys online?

A sex toy, sextoy or bedroom toy is an object or device that is mainly used for human sexual pleasure. The term may also include bdsm devices. Contraceptives, pornography and condoms, however, are not counted as sex toys. Some sex toys can also be an object for sexual fetishism.

Sex toys are mainly sold in sex shops and via the internet.

Butt Plug

A butt plug is a sex toy. A butt plug is an object that is used anally and closes the anus. It looks a bit like a dildo, but usually the butt plug is shorter than a standard dildo and has a tapered shape.

Buttplugs are used by gays, lesbians and heterosexuals. The prevailing theory states that the use of buttplugs is pleasant for men because a butt plug stimulates the prostate. There is a similar theory for women, although it is purely theoretical, namely that a butt plug stimulates the deeper parts of the vagina. A second theory is more psychological in nature, the use of anal sex toys would go against one of the oldest taboos, and therefore gives people the feeling of doing something naughty when they have sex.

Unlike vibrators and dildos, buttplugs have a wide end. The anus passes into the intestine, and through the movements of the muscles of both the vent and the intestine, an object that is used anally can be 'sucked' inside. The wide end of a butt plug must prevent this.

There are also buttplugs that are inflatable, electronic or have a vibrator function. Buttplugs are manufactured in many colors and materials.


A dildo is an elongated object with a smooth finish, usually in the shape of a human penis. This can be used as a sex toy to achieve sexual satisfaction by inserting it into the vagina or anus and moving it back and forth. It is also an object for sexual fetishism. Unlike the vibrator, a dildo does not have a vibrating motor.

Geisha Balls

Chinese balls is the name of a sex toy, which consists of hard balls strung on a cord with a diameter of about 1 to 2 cm. The balls are usually made of plastic, but other materials such as metal are sometimes used.

This cord is placed in the vagina or anus and moved back and forth. The friction of the balls can stimulate sexually. It is the intention to remove the balls at the time of orgasm.

Geisha balls, also called ben-wa balls or lustballs, are usually hollow balls with a weight in them that can roll into the ball. They are inserted into the vagina and serve as erotic toys. The movement of the balls causes an exhilarating feeling during use.

The original intention of the balls was to tension the pelvic floor muscles, to move the two against each other. It is claimed that adept geisha with the muscles trained in this way can bring men into ecstasy.

Sex machine

A sex machine is a machine that aims to perform sexual acts or otherwise experience sexual pleasure.
Sex machines are available in various forms. There are machines with a drive mechanism that has a dildo mounted to simulate not only penetration but also sexual intercourse.
A vibrator is a sex machine in the form of an electrical device, sometimes with the appearance of a penis, that vibrates and can be used in this way as sexual stimulation and inducing an orgasm. The sybian is a machine on which one can sit and where dildos can be applied in different shapes and sizes. The way of moving the dildo and the intensity of vibration are adjustable.
A penis pump is a tube that can be placed over the penis, after which the tube can be vacuumed with a pump to intensify the erection because more blood is sucked into the penis. The penis cream machine is a tube that the penis is inserted into. After activation, a sucking effect is exerted on the penis with alternating intensity, with which fellatio is simulated

Sex Doll

An inflatable doll is an inflatable doll. The inflatable doll can have various applications but the most well-known are the dolls that are used to perform sexual acts. These are sold in sex shops and can be used to mimic sexual intercourse with a partner.
Most sex dolls have three "love tunnels": the vagina, anus and mouth. Inflatable dolls are made of PVC. In addition, more expensive dolls made of silicone exist. These are not blow-up dolls. They are solid, feel more realistic in comparison with the inflatable doll and have anatomically correct placed genitals.


A cock ring, also called penis ring, is a ring of metal, rubber, leather or silicone that is slid around the penis and aims to keep an erection longer. In men, as they age, their erection generally becomes less firm and lasts less. The cock ring, or cock ring, can help keep the erection firm for a longer period of time. The penis ring is not only meant for men whose erection is not as firm as before. It is also worn to increase the sensitivity of the penis, as a jewel and in SM. A cock ring with hairs or brushes provides extra stimulation of the clitoris and labia and is called a goat's eye. SM rings also use cockrings with nails or studs on the inside or outside.

Penis Pump

A penis pump, also known as a vacuum pump, is a hard plastic tube in which the penis can be pushed. The tube is then evacuated with a pump, allowing extra blood to flow to the penis and an erection is obtained, or an already existing erection is intensified. After removing the tube, the erection can be retained by an elastic ring (Cockring) to lay the base of the penis that prevents the blood from flowing back.


A vibrator is an electrical device that produces mechanical vibrations. Usually a device is meant for stimulating sexual feelings or the use of an erotic massage. An industrially applied device that produces vibrations is a shaker or a vibrating needle. In the electronics it is the oscillator and the multivibrator that generate vibrations

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